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Relining is the new digging, now that’s Mint

Pipe Relining has gained popularity over the years due to its damage-free technology and cost-effective results. It originated in England in the 70s and developed as a product over the decades.


Today the market is flooded with options so it can be overwhelming trusting the right product, expertise, and company to take on this technical service within your home.

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe Relining prevents you from needing to excavate or dig as it uses keyhole technology to repair any damaged pipes. Open excavation can be taxing at times, it is not only costly but can impair the general aesthetics of the surrounding area.


Pipe Relining reduces the impact on the environment by constructing a new pipe within the already existing pipe.


Our before and after footage shows the liner in action, repairing the old pipe from the inside out.

Pipe Relining material is extremely important as durability is what sets the product apart. Pipe Relining material “the new pipe” is engineered in Europe coming from Germany, Finland and the UK. The product we use is 5 times stronger than your standard PVC pipe. Once the product “new pipe” is set the existing junctions are cut one by one using an IMS robotic cutting tool to release any flowing water.



Why choose Pipe Relining?

We offer a 50-year warranty and 70-year life expectancy on all our Relining services. We have pressure-tested our material and are confident the development and installation of all our products will withstand the toughest of Australian conditions.


Our Mint team is certified and trained by Brawoliner, Delta and Evoliner installers who are leading the market globally. Today we are the only in-house Reliner in the Sydney Eastern Suburbs. You can have peace of mind it will be the Mint team showing up on installation day.

Relining is the new digging, now that’s Mint!

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